Awakening a Keen Observer

Thursday, August 27, 2009

2 am

2 a.m.
and I am
wakeful after storm
so loud so bright

candles found
by stove lighted
flicker light teasing night

lost connection
modem sleeping in the storm
outside window
now door open
a new frog churps
welcomes rain
suddenly summer
may be passing
marked by change
of heated earth
summer still will
heat us warmly
temperatures not so high
this time
rain and thunder distant echo
still the storm around us creeps
why am i waking
to the lightening
thunder bumping with the flash
think of other
summers passing seem so close
yet far away
in the mountains on the beaches
in the desert with the heat
not like monsoons
do our rains come
those with rain
that fills the streets
ours more gentle
drunk by dry land
grain still waiting in the field
when the rains come
after waiting
all the sweeter is the smell
life returing
hope abiding
baptized by the heaven’s hand

bobbie bane giltz mcgarey august 27, 2009 Oklahoma

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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