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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Just Thinking

I was watching PBS Dickens: Old Curiosity Shop. I know somewhere I must have read this but didn't remember well enough..It left me crying.
I'm ok now really but it was one of those things that grief think you are ok and 'thru' it and then boom you are in it again.
Here is the line that got me.

Oh! it is hard to take to heart the lesson that such deaths will teach,

I thought of some losses I've recently experienced and realized they were 'fresher' than I knew...
So I decided to look up the book and found the whole of it here:

I turned to the last two chapters and found the line in Chapter 72 Here friends is the fullness of the quote which makes it better.

Oh! it is hard to take to heart the lesson that such deaths will teach, but let no man reject it, for it is one that all must learn, and is a mighty, universal Truth. When Death strikes down the innocent and young, for every fragile form from which he lets the panting spirit free, a hundred virtues rise, in shapes of mercy, charity, and love, to walk the world, and bless it. Of every tear that sorrowing mortals shed on such green graves, some good is born, some gentler nature comes. In the Destroyer's steps there spring up bright creations that defy his power, and his dark path becomes a way of light to Heaven.

It is a rainy grey day here... but this is beautiful in its own way...

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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