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Saturday, May 30, 2015


So John and I were talking today and he said my car needed a new tag. My reply was...not till June...
Monday is June...or June is Monday.  Wait...excuse me ...did we skip May?
  The folks in Texas and Oklahoma would probably say the wished they had skipped least that Flooding part of it...which still carries on.  The roller coaster at 6 flags in between FT.Worth and Dallas looks like a sea serpent as it comes out of the water only now and then.
     I'm getting there
     Most folks could probably describe the robin ...
     Many people trying to identify a bird start it smaller/bigger than a robin...
I happen to be quite fin of robins.  Probably because they were so common in Ohio where I grew up.  The cheerlip-cheerlope bright song some think is just not that interesting.   But the clear true sound is sweet to my ears.   There is one outside my Apt that has just finished her fledging her young. ( I caught them the other day with the Momma-bird feeding a good sized already flying young ).  She looked at me like What? 

     To me though it is the commonness of the Robin that makes it so very awesome.  Because they just go their way...bringing joy.  No big show... Just joy...early in the morning and late at
Listen you hear?   Sigh joy DONT miss another Month...slow down

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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