Awakening a Keen Observer

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I always hear the word Change spoken like a boy in his teens whose voice is changing.   
Chan-GE?   That kind of distress.  

One of my favorite jokes is where the 4 year old brother responds to his parents.  It goes like this… Dad hollers down to Mom…What should I change the baby into?   The brother…i think you should change him into a frog!  

But we all change.  We aren't as we once were.  But why decry change.  It is growth…or it can be.  If we are learning from life then Change can be another step.  Another way we move toward our best self. 

This is where we get to choose.  We can choose to have life be a positive gathering of our best self and as consistently as possible becoming.  Become who we are just now.  Just now.  

I think that we can live our lives holding on so tight to the past that we miss opportunities in the now of things.  We wish we could be as spry, as agile, as happy, thin, pretty, handsome,   etc. etc.  as we were when we were…  child, teen, young adult…etc etc.  

But we are who we are and we should be thankful for that because, well,  some people don't get to be our age.  We dare not waste it… no not one little bit.  It is a gift…live it.  

C H A N G E…   

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey