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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Between Pentecost and trinity

Well finally
If in fact there are folk who are still reading this.. Me and my iPad 2 are on the patio at flying star JuanTabo. In ABQ

I've had an early dinner and taking half home.

Yes we rare I. The time between Pentecost and trinity Sunday, Pentacost was great fun with lots of balloons and Baptism and communion and ordination. It was a good time and I think a celebration. We didn't have the cookout because of the wind the really dry ground fire alert for the are -- and the person who said they would set the fire forgot, But we had plenty of food and used microwave. A good time was had by all.

The mellowness of the temperature here is remarkable, I would love a hammock and a nap out here, with the birds chirping . The building blocks the biggest winds so we aren't getting smoke here either and that is good. Bless all those who a still are in The fires path.

If the weather holds and smoke abates Wednesday pm may. Be a great time to walk the labyrinth by moonlight. I have a meeting and wjll do that when it is over. It should be good. Moonrise is at 8 something but it isn't dark till almost 9.

So friends I will begin a contemplation of the trinity and should be good.
Tonight Im signing off.

God abides

Bobbie glitz mcgarey