Awakening a Keen Observer

Monday, October 18, 2010


We will be moving from Oklahoma in a few weeks. Our "Johnny and Molly" and my cousins "Evans and Val" currently live about 3 hours south from us here. When we move to NM we will be farther away. I have decided to pretend that they are just that close still. I pretend that our daughter Martha, (betsy) still lives in Tulsa three hours North east of here. It makes her feel not so far away as she is in Bethlehem PA. Why? because I love them and enjoy their company and laughing and... just being with them..because they strengthen us and bring us such joy.

We also know that family is formed these days with people who are part of your life wherever you are. As you become bonded to others they become sisters/brothers, grandparents, auntie/uncle.

That is if we are able and willing to share who we are with them and accept who they are. And more than accept but treasure who they are.

Treasures are all around you. Enjoy them..everyday

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey