Awakening a Keen Observer

Monday, September 27, 2010

What are YOU worth?

Greetings friends,

The other day I was thinking about my income and salary and what I would have to live on day by day and at one point it seemed like a real challenge. Then I stumbled on a note.. That's global rich list and it would figure for me where I stood in line with everyone on the globe in income.

Trust me when I say I was surprised to think that I would be in the 4.06% of the richest people on the planet. So that helped to put things into perspective.

I know that I have plenty of things and as we plan to move I'm trying--really trying to pare down those things. It's not easy. For me a lot of what I have once belonged to someone I love, my grandmother, my parents, etc. They are not so much just stuff. There is meaning with them. But is that where I should PUT meaning. I know the answer to that and imagine you do too.

We all have friends who have lost their 'things' in floods or tornado or hurricane. They didn't choose to lose their belongings.

Ok, now stay with me because I am going somewhere with this!

In seminary one of the first Greek words they had us learn was the Verb "to Loose"
I don't remember the Greek but I do remember thinking that odd. Now, after some years I think I get it more. We are bound by so many 'things' and expectations and troubles and shoulds and oughts in the world that we see some way to be loosed... to loosen the things that hold us down.

That is a real Gospel Message. If we have Jesus we have everything and are free.

Perhaps I should say since we have Jesus! Or would you be more comfortable with When we have Jesus?

But it's true
now to live into that in the next month
I'll let you know how its going.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Saturday, September 18, 2010


A few years ago John and I were watching the sunset at Clearwater Beach Florida. Ok so other places do have wonderful sunsets but these also take your breath and drop you to your knees. OHHHH AHHH

This past week has been for me/us amazing. Things have changed for us both and we are heading to serve in New Mexico, (also a sunset awesome area). How the time has gone so quickly for me since Tuesday. OHHH AHHH

This Sunset, actually one of many photos I took that night, remind me of God's graciousness. This was taken in one of those Oh-MY-Inbetween times. But God didn't leave. Never did. Never will.

So, as you pause for a moment, no matter where you are in your life journey. OHHHH AHHH

Breathe in that breath of God that is yours.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Monday, September 13, 2010

September Sky

Well Finally

As we were traveling this afternoon the sky with amazing NM Blue also had clouds that looked like fall. Well, Ok, I know it should since fall is upon us. We should also know that the changing of seasons is for us a reminder that change is natural. It need not be painful, or scary or fear bringing. It is a matter of how we look at the changes presented.

A good friend of mine has lost some of her vision. She is adapting as well as she can. Another friend is still learning to live without a beloved 6 year old son. She is adapting as well as she can. Another friend is watching her husband moving away from her with Alzheimer's being thankful for every day he knows her name. She is adapting as well as she can.

Adaptation is what we do as human beings. It brings our survival. Do you remember almost at the end of the musical Oklahoma the Aunt is giving Laurie a talk about a woman's life? She names off several things women face and she says something like...Well, all right! We move on thru it all.

The September sky reminds us to be ready for Fall September 22. Then be ready dear friends for the rest of our lives to be filled with wonderful new days.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey