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Monday, May 31, 2004

Memorial Day in the USA

Years ago Betsy said, Mom I want to go to Washington , D.C. so that summer we planned a trip and went to Washington. We had a great time. Stayed in a strange odd wonderful cheap hotel near the subway and really had fun. We walked miles i'm sure each day we were there. We laughed, looked, waited in lines, and enjoyed ourselves. I'd go back with her in a minute. It was good fun. I'd spend more time in the Art Galleries than we did because we just ran out of time.

There was one time when we waited that a woman and her three boys were next to us. We were waiting in the circular line that was around the Washington Monument those days. They look down the Mall and there was the US Capitol building so beautiful. One of her boys said, "Mom what's that building? " pointing to the US Capitol. " I don't know ." she said...and opend her PICTURE map and said, "we'll let me see." and she looked up and down at the building at the map. " It is one of those smithsonian places I think. "

Betsy looked at me eyes wide open... and I said, "Betsy! Stand over there with the WHITE CAPITOL BUILDING BEHIND YOU and I'll take your picture." By then the boys were whining because they were going to take the bus not the subway home. I don't know if they ever figured it out.

We went to Arlington National Cemetery. We found out where one of my church member's husband was buried and then we took the bus tour. We went to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We arrived and watched the changing of the guard. One family brought a wreath to present at the tomb of the unknown. . I was moved. My uncle Clyde Giltz my dad's youngest brother died in WWII in Sicly . To my knowledge none of my family has ever visited his grave in Sicly . My grandparents couldn't afford to have his body returned home so he was buried there. they promised to send his effects and nothing ever ever came to them , finally a note saying that they had been lost somewhere. They did recieve a letter from a buddy of his telling them how he died and how many of his friends loved him. My dad said it broke my Grandmother's heart and she was never the same. I wished she could have seen this ritual, the changing the guard. I wish she could have brought flowers to this grave to honor her youngest child it might not have healed her heart but it might have brought her some peace.

Many flowers on many graves . Some graves very new some very old. All honored. Deep Sigh, O Spirit raise a prayer for those whose hearts are still breaking. Heal them ! Amen

"Happy" Memorial Day.

God abide
Bobbie McGarey


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