Awakening a Keen Observer

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lunch at flying star Juan tabo

The place was noontime-crowded when. She sat down, she chose a table near the counter so she could get refills easily and because it is not in the center of things. Sometimes she likes sitting on the edge. (that reminds me of a quote from midnight in the garden of good and evil).
The gentlemen next to her were in intense conversation. Something about the church the older man a retired Bishop, The younger in mid x50's talked about the bishops daughter, an apparently wonderful woman.

She tried to get online but there were 4 EMT s who seem to be sapping the juice to the Internet. Hopefully it was something important. She glanced again their way to seeing one man playing bejeweled blitz ...she supposed that they needed a break from their very intensive work. She would wait.

Lunch came, good as before, and she ate with slowness attempting to savior her sandwich not just eat it so fast that it is forgettable. There was a glare from the window of a car backing out that flashed bright in the window, A ray of sunshine inside amazing.
several people noticed it and were surprised. We shared a collective smile

The upcoming Sunday's readings were on her mind. Them men next to her began talking about church stuff. She could
T comprehend the flow of it but bits and pieces were taught me so well Bishop and how do you learn to do an exorcism?
Time for a refill. Friends had laughed at her last week when she got a piece of bread pudding and a diet coke... She recognized the
Strangeness of that combination. they had all laughed and the bread pudding lasted three days...

A friend from 8 years ago had met her that morning before lunch...just a little time before her they jumped into real deep conversation quickly, Their memories of where they had been together were the same. They were both happy to be gone from there but missed some of the really dear people. Those who had been mean or betrayed them were not missed though they obviously had left strong impressions in pain. The two of them prayed for healing. It was good to share.

Not long from now she has a new yoga class. She decides this would be a good time for a nap. One more refill and home she goes to be greeted again by her puppy always happy to see her.

God abides

Bobbie giltz McGarey
@ 2011