Awakening a Keen Observer

Monday, January 31, 2011

thunder snow

I remember thunder snow from when we lived in Utah. It is an odd phenom to experience.

We have had amazing weather up to this point and recognize that it is Jan/Feb. time and time for Winter to appear. Three days ago I was hiking without a jacket.

We haven't had the real big snow, (yet) like the Eastern part of the US has experienced several times this year. This being my first NM winter It will be fun to compare through the years how it changes.

Our first winter in Utah after Christmas we had 20 days where it didn't get UP to Zero... When it got to be about 15 it felt really mellow. That's REALLY cold. Those who have experienced such weather can tell you the finer details of what that cold does to your fingers, nose and toes.

I hear it will be below zero a couple of nights this week but shouldn't be as cold as Utah.

Not a day to walk the outside Labyrinth. Soon though..

Hope and pray you are warm, sheltered, fed and loved.

God abide

Monday, January 24, 2011


I am in Raton for a few days going through boxes of things that were moved from OK. There are many boxes that are oddly labeled. Like Den or Living room. But we can't tell from the outside if they are books from the living room or the vases that were in the living room, or other treasures that were there, like a pair of my Daddy's baby shoes. So we go from one box to another trying to find some really important things to us.
In the midst of all of this we find that there are things that surprise us. We found a silver money clip abacus with a silver dollar in it. I found a bracelet I thought I lost some years ago. Yea.
Are there times when we discover all things of ourselves that we thought we lost? Things that we are that surprise us. Things that we set aside, talents, interests, all of those things could be treasures. Perhaps we need to take time to sort through our 'selves' and look for those treasures. Happy hunting.

God abide
Bobbie G. McGarey

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well finally

No more excuses... I'm committed to writing again. I don't know still if anyone reads this but it works for me as a journal of sorts.

Our life in New Mexico is thus far off to a good start. Lots of things happening and lots of times when we miss each other but skype, talk on the phone, and see one another. it is a good thing.

My apt is getting more and more feeling like my own place. A few things here and there are really like mine but it will yet to be seen how fast I can get my office as well to look like mine. Step by step.

Annie, my little wonderful puppy, ok she's 3 but still a puppy to me, and I play a game called what are the upstairs neighbor's doing now... For about a week I was sure they were putting together an Ikea piece of furniture. Two days later I saw an Ikea box in the garbage can so I think we guessed right. I don't want annie's barking now and then to bother them but then again she does walk heavily in heels early in the day. I don't think we are home at the same times usually.

I am enjoying watching Netflix in the evening. I read news online but really don't miss it constantly. I've enjoyed recently watching some of the Michael Palin travel series' they are quite satisfying and really gives you a feel for the cultures he encounters. Check them out.

Alright. I'll get some photos up soon. This is a beautiful place to live and serve.

God abides --even in 2011

bobbie Giltz McGarey