Awakening a Keen Observer

Thursday, September 10, 2009

vacation end

wow hope the photo comes thru. we have had a good vacation Clearwater and Clearwater Beach have for over 30 years been a place of rest and refreshment. we feel that way after a week.

today we start home to oklhoma. the weather there has been really hot. here it is in the 80's and on the beach there is always a breeze.

we had perfect weather for everything we wanted to do and having time with Martha (betsy) was wonderful. seriously it was so great.

we laughed a lot

gave award winning good bye

john is packing the car and i'm thinking about this weeks sermon and the introduction to joshua.

life returns to what it was...

my parents now long gone still seem to have a presence here and for me and i believe for all of us is a joy albet bittersweet.

be well all
god abides
and this i hold dear
god abides

bobbie giltz mcgarey